Testimonials Four-day tour

“Good experience, jungle is such a different place away from city.
The guide over all very knowledgeable. Can hear and spot interesting creatures of the jungle. Very patient when explaining would have liked a detailed itinerary every day so, would know exact details for the day and what we need to bring.
Great job with food, did not bring towels as quickly as requested overall, nice people
Jose responded to almost all emails quickly. Transport was long, scary to Manu but William did a good job.
White water rafting was short, maybe 30-40 minutes. Over all, good experience.”

DANIEL LEVESQUE, 18/09/2012 33 Chambery Candiac - Canada

“It was a wonderful experience and I’m so happy that I saw woolly monkeys! It was good to both walk and go on a boat trip!
The guide was friendly and helpful at all times!
Keep up the good work paulina! Give more information on hours to walk, when the eat is useful.
We didn’t have so much to do with the lodge management to answer more, but the service was very good and they were nice and helpful too!
The driver Carlos was reliable and very skilled for this job!
Thank you for a lovely time and that will be a great memory for as long as I live!
Best regards, Eva Johansson.”

EVA VOHANSSON , 08/08/2011 Nedre Akarg 74 D 80251 Gavle - Sweden

“We very much enjoyed our trip. Who couldn’t enjoy the beautiful setting of the Manu Cloud Forest Logde with great food and a fabulous guide.
Ronal is obviously very knowledgeable about the animals of the forest. But what makes him a great guide is his passion for the subject. This makes us (the guest) excited about every bit of wildlife we see. That’s what makes it a good trip.
The lodge is very well-kept. It clean in a beautiful setting the food was very good plus the staff was very help full they even made us a fire and provided popcorn one night.
Erick was courteous and safe. He always we received.
Facilities are great. It’s all you can hope for when you’re in the middle of the forest, very clean.
Ronald definitely made this trip for us. He is a very good guide and always provide plus courteous. Our favorite part was going to the oxbow lake. If we could do it again, we would spend as much time as we could do. Ronald made the best of what we had to work with spotting lots of bird life plus even a large group of Brown capuchin monkeys. Thanks Ronald! ”

DAVID VALENCIA, 26/07/2011 500 Tamarisk CT Sacramento , CA 95842 - USA

“The guide was very friendly, polite, willing to share information and answer questions. I would recommend him to anyone. Lots of trams around the road, it would be good to carry a trash bag.
Both the Manu Cloud Forest Lodge and the Manu Lodge, it would be nice to visit more trails, although availability is scary. We had some great sightings on the road. The facilities were better than I expected with hot showers after a cold evening.
Great time! We saw a lot of birds; hang out for almost an hour with monkeys. Ronald was an amazing guide and we had a great driver.”

ALEXANDRA BARTNICKA , 26/07/11 Al. Jana Pawla 80138 Warsaw – Poland

Date of the trip: 30 05 2009
Place: 4D/3N. Manu Cloud Forest Lodge & Mid-Elevation Forest
General rate: VERY GOOD
Date of the trip: 30 05 2009
General Comments: We enjoyed our staff,the food was good as can be expected in the middle of the jungle.We only have a few complaints
Comments about the guide: Willy was an excellent guide who is very passionate about nature.We learned a lot from him.He also has excellent people skills
Comments about the service: We felt she didn´t explain the river rafting was less than 1 hour.It was too much money for just one hour.It she explained that,we probably wouldn´t have gone
Final Comments: Overall it was a good experience.We just felt some things were not as they were advertised,our guide was excellent

Steve & kim Stoddard, June 2009 4740 E. Palomino Dr. Heber 84032 USA

Date of the trip: 16 03 2009
Place: 4D/3N. Manu Cloud Forest Lodge & Mid-Elevation Forest
General rate: VERY GOOD
Date of the trip: 16 03 2009
General Comments: The lodge was really nice and blended into the surroundings very well the food was constantly excellent
Comments about the guide: Michel was lovely guy an we really enjoyed talking to him and learning about the cloud forest.Our only suggestion would be to ask the guests if there is anything they would like to do the following day
Comments about the service: Fantastic cook and looked after us very well
Final Comments: The lodge was excellent everyone was great and we really enjoyed 3 of the 4 days.We thought that the Atalaya trip was very disappointing because the habitat was so poor.We would have another day in the cloud forest visiting differents elevations,birds,butterflies and plants,similar to what Michel kindly organized for us on the last morning

Michael Craig & Carolyn Haroing, March 2009 23 Eileen St. bassendean, WA 6054 Australia

Date of the trip: 14 01 2008
Place: 4D/3N. Manu Cloud Forest Lodge & Mid-Elevation Forest
General rate: VERY GOOD
Date of the trip: 14 01 2008
General Comments: Pleasant experience and genial staff
Comments about the guide: Eli is very warm ,patient and knowledgeable guide
Comments about the service: Very prompt service
Final Comments: We have a nice trip
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Snita Varam & Nal Gollagunta, March 2008 801 S.Winchester Blvd. # 4106, San Jose, CA 95128