Manu Maps
Manu Lodge Trail System

Manu Lodge is the only lodge with a privileged view of a pristine oxbow lake within the Manu National Park.

Manu Lodge is considered the best place in the tropics to see and photograph or film Giant River Otters.

This two and a half meter, 70 pound-mustelid is a gregarious mammal that lives in small groups. Different group families of six to eight Giant Otters, as well as young bachelors visit the Juarez Lake every other week and our clients may see them from within 50 ft. right in front of the Manu Lodge building without disturbing them.

Using the lake riverbanks and being quiet guarantees wonderful sightings of these large carnivores as they fish, fee their cubs, preen and play.

We strictly forbid the use of canoes or catamarans to try to see the otters.

Giant otters have successfully bred in several occasions near Manu Lodge.

After cruising the lake you can explore many kilometers of marked trails near the lodge. These trails, which were designed in consultation with internationally known ecologists, wind trough the full mosaic of different forest types of the western Amazon, including tall floodplain forest, terra firme (never flooded) forest, stands of lush Heliconia spp, sun dappled cane "Caña brava" and 7-meter-tall thickets of bamboo. Jaguars and ocelots frequent these trails too, though normally you see only their tracks. A high-elevation ridge not far from the lake offers views of macaws, parakeets, hawks, toucans and scores of other species of tropical birds flying shot and long distances over the forest.