Our Rain Forest Lodges
Construction Materials

Manu Nature Tours makes every possible effort to use only sustainable materials to build and maintain our lodges and campsites. We also strive to use local materials that cause the least aesthetic impact on the sites chosen. Most of the wood used in the construction of the Manu Lodge and the Manu Cloud Forest Lodge was mahogany salvaged from the Manu River. During the rainy season the Manu River erodes the river banks and yields an annual sustainable crop of wood collected by locals. In some occasions as in the building of the Manu Cloud Forest Lodge it was more expensive to bring the wood from the lowlands by boat and then by truck to the construction site, but we were happy not to encourage the unsustainable logging of forests in the region of the Madre de Dios River.

Garbage Disposal

Manu Nature Tours has a basic but effective protocol for the disposal of garbage. Non-biodegradable products: Plastic, glass, batteries and aluminum is taken out of the Manu National Park. Bio-degradable elements: Food scraps, thin tin cans, paper and cardboard is buried in small compost pits.

We have identified and calculated the amount of garbage produced by our company, and we make every effort to use packing materials which are recycled in Peru, like glass.

In our itineraries your box lunches will be packaged in re-usable plastic containers avoiding the use of a mountain of plastic for each visitor.


Our lodges and campsites take special care to maintain simple percolation pits where human waste is degraded by aerobic and anaerobic agents rendering it harmless to the environment. We clean and rebuild these pits periodically.