Our Rain Forest Lodges
Our Rainforest Lodges

Manu Nature Tours pioneered tourism in Manu by building the first lodge in Manu in 1988. This is the only lodge offerting a superb view of the shimmering Juarez oxbow lake, within the protected wilderness of Manu National Park.

During the 90´s we worked to protect the transect from the grasslands to the elfin forests and cloud forests along the spectacular road across the Andes to Manu. During those years we led an effort to secure several thousands of hectares of cloud forests, through the establishment of a private reserve for our company, and other direct land purchases for a local conservation NGO.

In 1999 we opened the first lodge in the cloud forests of Manu, considered by many clients a superior experience than the lowlands of Manu.

During the same decade we led a joint effort with other tour operators and the Government authorities to ban beach camps in Manu, and establish semi-permanent tented camps near lakes Otorongo and Salvador.

Why booking your jungle trip with Manu Nature Tours? Before booking your tour to Manu or to the Cusco/Madre de Dios region, make sure that your tour operator is a certified travel company with the local Direccion Regional de Turismo (DIRCETUR) and belongs to Aecotur Manu, the Manu National Park tour operators association which will guarantee a good-quality experience.

Consider also the following:

1. Manu Lodge is the only lodge with a privileged view of lake Juarez, within the Manu National Park itself.

Manu Nature Tours has owned and operated Manu Lodge since 1988. Most other tour lodges are located outside of the Manu National Park, in areas where the state does not grant protection and where there is no park guard control. All other trips to the Reserve are camping trips based in semi-permanent tented camps. With the German cooperation and the support of the Peruvian State, the Matsiguenka native community has built a house to provide accommodation services only.

Important Warning: There are many international agencies as well as local tour companies advertising "Manu Lodge Tours" or "Manu Lodge Safaris", where you will end-up paying for an experience in "the Manu Region", but you will never even see the protected Manu River. Before signing-up, make sure that you understand your tour.

2. Manu Nature Tours and Manu Lodge are nature tourism pioneers working in Manu since 1985.

  • 1. The Manu Lodge is sometimes used as a base for scientific research used by several research institutions that make use of our company's Research Grant Program. During your stay in Manu Lodge you may have the chance to enjoy on-site field classes, and evening talks and discussions on a variety of tropical ecology topics.

  • 2. We contribuye with Manu Lodge’s 5% gross income to the Manu National Park.

  • 3. We have the largest and best-kept trail system in the Manu National Park. Well maintained private walking trails, are your only access to the many types of rainforest habitats, birds and mammals that you want to see.

  • 4. While at Manu Lodge, enjoy exclusive access to boat trips on the two-kilometer long Juarez Lake. No other people to be found in hundreds of kilometers of surrounding rainforest. There is no need to take turns for a catamaran on the lake, no strict schedule for outings on the lake or trails.

  • 5. Our guides are dedicated conservationists, and well trained biologists with many years of experience in Manu. They have university degrees in Biology and Tourism; they can recognize the birds and mammals that you want to see in Manu, by sound and sight. They are all experts in the use of binoculars and spotting scopes.

  • 6. Though our operation is perhaps logistically, the most complicated in South America, many clients have said that our food is the best they've had in Peru. We are happy to provide for special diets, Kosher diets and partially or wholly vegetarians meals.

  • 7. We use new and strictly maintained vehicles to transport our clients across the Andes from Cusco.

  • 8. Manu Nature Tours offers a wide variety of side trip options: Mountain biking, River rafting and Canopy climbing.

  • 9. In a Manu Nature trip most of your travel time will combine a visit to the protected Manu National Park and other well tested nature and cultural attractions outside of the Reserve