Our Rain Forest Lodges
Manu Lodge

Manu lodge, owned and operated by Manu Nature Tours is the only lodge offering a magnificent view and private access to a shimmering oxbow lake within the Manu Park itself.. Most of other new lodges and camping sites are located well beyond the limits of the Manu National Park. Two park stations strictly control the access to this pristine area. Since there are no roads near or inside the protected Manu lowlands, the river is the only access. Only authorized tour and research boats are allowed to the interior of the Manu Park.

The Manu Lodge is constructed entirely of fine mahogany cut from logs left on the beaches of the Manu by the annual January-March floods. The lodge is elevated on reinforced stilts and is divided into two communicating blocks. A and B. Block A is in three levels, a spacious lower level containing a bar, meeting area and a dining room/lounge for up to 44 people, a smaller second level containing two double rooms with a magnificent vista of the lake nearby, and a still smaller third level that features an observation room. Block B contains ten double rooms spaced along a wide, screened corridor/porch. The entire lodge, including both blocks and porches, is screened and accessible from outside through screened double doors. The kitchen, showers and latrines are located away from the main building in clean, comfortable buildings. We have outfitted the Manu Lodge with as many amenities as the Peruvian Government has allowed in the past 28 years.