Our Rain Forest Lodges
Across the Andes by Ground

From Cusco clients travel most of the day over two spectacular high mountain ridges and then descend the lush eastern slopes of the Andes from 12,000 ft. to the Manu Cloud Forest Lodge at 5,400 ft. We stop frequently to provide interpretation on the culture, the geography, and the natural history of this pristine transect from the Andes to the rainforest. After our stay at the cloud forest we gradually descend to the Andean foothills at 2,200 ft. near Atalaya, the first navigable port along the Upper Madre de Dios River. From here clients board dug-out canoes to travel down this fast, "braided" river to the confluence with the mouth of the Manu River.

Mountain Biking

During the ground trip to the Manu Cloud Forest Lodge, Manu Nature Tours can provide visitors with a sturdy mountain bike for an effortless descent of the orchid-covered mountains on the eastern slopes of the Andes. The full descent takes four hours, although you can decide the length of the journey, and get back on the transport at any moment. Biking allows participants to "feel" the transition from the dry puna grasslands across the clouds to the lush and humid rainforests below.

This side trip offers an opportunity to stop at any moment to observe the magnificent landscapes, or to take photographs of richly colored trees, plants and flowers.

White-Water Rafting

The lodge has also been used as a base to launch short, but exciting river-rafting trips along the several tributaries that form the Madre de Dios River. We have successfully explored the Qosñipata, the Queros and the Tono Rivers.

The Qosñipata offers a one-hour section of class-three rapids from the put in point to the town of Pilcopata. From this town the river heads towards the gorge of Qoñec, a one hour, beautiful scenic tour that ends in Atalaya as the cloud forests finally yield to the vast lowlands.

The Tono River is a narrower cloud forest river. Its pristine, unpolluted waters come out of the Manu Park core area. The Tono offers 3-4 hours of exciting and demanding class-4 rapids. This is a full day adventure in a world-class cloud forest river, that requires further exploration closer to its headwaters. The Queros River still needs exploration and only the lower basin, class-three rapids have been run.