Manu Guides

Many of the wonders of the rainforest are often invisible to the uninitiated. In all jungles around the world as in Manu the number of interesting animals and plants one enjoys depends directly on the skill of the guide.

On a typical day in the Reserve our highly trained guides equipped with binoculars and/or telescopes find many beautiful and exciting birds, mammals, reptiles, flowering plants and fascinating insects, as well as point out important trees, shrubs and herbs.

The same day with inexperienced guides can be dreadfully uneventful. Manu Nature Tours has expert guides, with many years of experience. They recognize by sound and sight, most of the interesting mammals, monkeys, and birds that visitors are eager to see. When exploring the neotropics make sure that you are led by an expert and knowledgeable guide throughout the trip.

::Who are the guides in Manu?
Manu Nature Tours offers you a first-class experience with first class leadership. Without exception our leaders are friendly, talented and witty folks. They are enthusiastic about what they do and eager to share their knowledge with you. They will look after all your needs, and patiently answer your questions.

Dedicated Tour Guide Option

Observing large mammals like tapirs or peccaries, wild cats like jaguars, ocelots and margays, is perhaps the main interest of visitors to the tropical rainforests worldwide. Unlike the open savannahs of African parks and reserves where large herds of large mammals and cats can be easily viewed from the comfort of motorized vehicles, animals in the tropical upper and lowland rainforest are constantly making use of their best camouflage abilities to hide from potential predators.

In order to try to overcome this problem as well as offering a personalized service Manu Nature Tours is the only tour operator who offers the "Dedicated Tour Guide Option".

Manu Nature Tours provides with one guide for every 10 clients.

For an additional $100 per day, individuals, couples or small groups who are traveling on any of our itineraries may share the services of an additional guide to provide personalized services on a tour to the Manu. Best results are obtained with a two-clients-per guide ratio. Additional expert guides are scarce, so remember to book for this option well in advance.

To the inexperienced eyes of the first-time visitor, the difficulty of spotting wildlife in the forest may constitute a major disappointment. This fact is better described by Professor John Terborgh, Manu Park´s foremost scientific authority. In his book "Requiem for Nature" , Dr.Terborgh says: "Tourists want to see animals, but animals are notoriously hard to view in the dense, multi-tiered foliage. Restricted visibility means that most animals are not detected until the visitor is already well within the animal's flight distance at which a creature flees in the presence of a human. Tourists often come away disappointed.

Poor visibility in the forest and skittish birds and mammals pose an irresolvable dilemma for ecotourism guides. Trails in the forest are typically narrow, so people must progress in single file. Normally, the guide goes first, and it is the guide who spots the toucan or the peccary. If the quarry doesn't bolt that instant, the guide may be able to point it out to the second person in line. The third will be extremely lucky to have a glimpse. The fourth in line might as well not be there. Best results are obtained when one is alone, but a lone novice would not have the trained senses to detect, much less to view, the forest's wildlife".